Architecture + planning

We see ourselves as a modern service provider offering a comprehensive range of services to resolve even the most complex challengese. For your wishes and ideas, we have professional and innovative solutions, a complete service from planning to execution.

Wether its new construction or remodelling project we will work with you to deliver a project that fits you need and budget.

Our services:

  • New Construction (commercial or residential structures)
  • General Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Building Maintenance
  • General Construction
  • Remodeling

New building

House in Berlin-Spandau          House in Berlin-Wilmersdorf
tl_files/kipnis/content/objekte/Architektur/Neubau-Projekte/Arch-Neubau-02.jpg   tl_files/kipnis/content/objekte/Architektur/Neubau-Projekte/Arch-Neubau-01.jpg

Renovation / Remodelling

Renovation with loft conversion
in Berlin-Friedrichshain
         Renovation listed building
in Berlin-Wannsee
tl_files/kipnis/content/objekte/Architektur/Altbau-Projekte/Arch-Altbau-01.jpg   tl_files/kipnis/content/objekte/Architektur/Altbau-Projekte/Arch-Altbau-03.jpg

Special Projects

Hotel refurbishment and expansion in